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Rejecting Complaint by Our Homeland, Curia Finalizes Election Results

picture of Hungarian Curia

The results of the April 3 parliamentary election were officially finalized yesterday when Hungary’s highest court, the Curia, rejected an appeal by the Our Homeland Movement against a ruling on the results of the national list. The results of the individual electoral districts had previously been declared official on April 12.

Our Homeland challenged Thursday’s decision by the National Election Commission (NVB) on the national list results within a day, as given by law. However, the Curia rejected the party’s request to recount the mail-in ballots on the following grounds:

The result of the national list vote is an aggregation of the partial results that have already become final, so its individual parts themselves are no longer subject to debate. They can only be challenged on the basis of an infringement committed when the votes were counted or mandates allocated.

The Curia also rejected a request by Our Homeland to change the NVB resolution, stating that although the request complained of a procedural violation by the National Election Office (NVI), an independent legal remedy is contained in the Electoral Procudure Act that the complainant did not exhaust.


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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Whose homeland ? Documented European history in the region starts (very) long before any Hungarian chronology..

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