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Karácsony: Rule of Law Not Enough to Win Over a Majority of Hungarians

picture of Gergely Karácsony

Although everyone on the opposition side is trying to evade responsibility for the huge election loss, Gergely Karácsony (pictured) hopes that they will start asking themselves certain questions, the mayor of Budapest told Telex.

For heaven’s sake, we failed massively. So anyone from the opposition who doesn’t have a sense of responsibility after that, who doesn’t ask themselves questions, or who feels they did everything right is, I think, a psychopath.

-the mayor told the news portal.

Karácsony also expects the political struggles within the opposition over the next two years to decide the leader of the alliance.

The mayor said it was a mistake to have made the election a “Fidesz – not Fidesz” choice, as undecided voters would only cast their vote for the opposition if they could see that the democratic parties had a vision for the future that went beyond just disavowing Fidesz.

He also pointed out that the opposition’s message turned elitist in the course of events, not because they didn’t recognize the situation for what it was, but because there was a consensus among the parties on these points. As he stated:

The problem was that what the opposition had to say was fundamentally important to many people, myself included – such as belonging to the West, and a democratic framework within the rule of law. But if these ideas alone were able to attract a majority of Hungarian society, then Viktor Orbán would not have been prime minister for the past 12 years.

For voters, democracy is not an abstract concept but a synonym for a secure livelihood, and Karácsony believes the opposition did not have an answer to this.


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