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Hungary Will Not Give in to Pressure From Brussels, Says Orbán

picture of Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán held an international press conference on Wednesday afternoon, three days after his two-thirds victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

The Prime Minister said that Hungary would remain a member of the EU and NATO. The formation of a government was discussed, and the names of some ministers were brought up, but Orbán also answered questions related to the Paks 2 development project, the referendum held on the same day as the election, Brussels, and the war in Ukraine.

HVG summarized the key points that came out of the hour-and-a-half-long event:

  • “No party had won this many votes since the end of the socialist period,” began Viktor Orbán, who also gave his thoughts on the mistakes of the opposition.
  • “We see Hungary’s future in the European Union, and we will remain a member of NATO,” said the Prime Minister, dispelling any doubts on the matter.
  • Orbán expects the EU to take steps to keep energy prices under control.
  • He suggested Budapest to the Russian head of state as a place to hold immediate ceasefire negotiations.
  • “If the Russians request it, we will pay for our gas in rubles,” he clarified.
  • The nuclear power plant expansion project in Paks is behind schedule because of the “attacks” against it, Orbán said.
  • “We will do everything we can to protect families,” was his reponse to whether the price fixing policies will continue. They will discuss how these measures limiting price increases can be sustained “for as long as possible.”
  • Hungary will not give in to pressure from Brussels on arms transfers, extending sanctions to the oil and gas sectors, or on gender issues.
  • The new government could be in place before the end of May. Viktor Orbán did not rule out bringing back János Lázár for a role in this government.
  • The current gas contract contains a better price than the previous one, the Prime Minister acknowledged. He did not refute a Népszava article stating that the contract reflected market prices.


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