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Hungarian Gov’t Vetos EU’s Refusal to Be Blackmailed by Putin

picture of Vladimir Putin

EU leaders held informal talks in Brussels on Thursday, with the main topic being Vladimir Putin’s announcement that from now on he would only accept Russian rubles as payment for “gas from unfriendly countries” – which includes EU member states.

On the morning of the day of the meeting, Gazprom announced that it would be willing to cut off gas supplies to the whole of Europe if it did not give in to Putin’s demands, leading to the convening of the crisis meeting.

No official announcement was made about the talks, but Nick Gutteridge, a British correspondent for the British newspaper The Sun, wrote that the joint action failed due to a Hungarian veto. The position of the Hungarian government on the issue was that it was “a matter for private firms and the EU shouldn’t get involved.”

Joe Barnes, a Brussels correspondent for the Telegraph, also tweeted about the meeting, quoting an EU diplomat, “Classic Orbán: playing for team Putin.”


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