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Előd Novák: Only Our Homeland Represents the Interests of Six Million Hungarians

picture of Előd Novák

Our Homeland Vice-Chair Előd Novák thinks it will be a minor miracle if the party manages to get into Parliament, but they believe that pollsters intentionally underestimate them.

Our Homeland is awaiting the election results at the Budapest Congress Center, which was planned began at 5:00pm. While there were no politicians there at that time, their MP Dóra Dúró arrived shortly thereafter, followed by her husband, Előd Novák, who stuck around for a bit longer. After setting up the stage, he answered a few questions for Azonnali.

Novák stated that people will be surprised when the results are released this evening, as he believes that polling companies deliberately underestimate Our Homeland’s support because of political pressure.

Even so, it’ll be a minor miracle if we get in [to Parliament].

-he said.

The right-wing politician complained that the party had to work against very strong headwinds, singling out Mediaworks as the main culprit. The government-friendly media holding company not only refused to let them appear in their numerous affiliates, but wouldn’t even permit them to run paid politicial advertisements.

In addition, media companies considered a part of Fidesz’s sphere of influence likewise blocked the party from appearing in their respective outlets.

Azonnali asked the former MP whether they had made a strategic mistake to campaign against the “Covid dictatorship” when more than 60% of the country has already been vaccinated, and when Fidesz had already relaxed most Covid-related restrictions before the elections.

We approached this issue from the standpoint of principle and conscience, not just so we could get votes. Although I would add that when the government announced that from February 15 even those who had received two shots would be considered ‘unvaccinated,’ and so declaring them second-class citizens, and presumably this is what we can expect in the fall as well, then we can say that it is only Our Homeland that is representing six million citizens.

-he stated.

Előd Novák believes that the elections caused Fidesz to begin to back down on the issue. Without a doubt, many people are now unsure whether they still needed to be concerned about the restrictions, but Novák maintains that that they should be.

The news site also asked Novák if the party’s presidency should resign if they aren’t able to get into Parliament tonight.

We haven’t addressed this issue yet, but I think that first of all, the heads of the polling companies are the ones who should be resigning. If, on the other hand, we end up with a disgraceful result, then we will have to consider the responsibility of the presidency as well, which will have to be decided on during our next party congress.

-he answered.

[Azonnali][Photo: Árpád Kulcsár / Azonnali]

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