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United for Hungary Demands Szijjártó Resignation Over Russian Breach of Foreign Ministry

picture of Péter Szijjártó

Information released today shows that the Russians are no longer in the pantry, but in government offices, as the Russian secret service has had virtually unlimited access to the Foreign Ministry’s entire IT system for years.

-wrote United for Hungary, calling for Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó (pictured) to resign over the matter.

The statement by Hungary’s united opposition was in reference to a story published by investigative outlet Direkt36 on Tuesday, which claimed that Putin’s hackers have gained access to confidential information on Hungarian foreign affairs, and that the Orbán government has not been able to dislodge them.

The Foreign Ministry cannot be headed by a man who has deliberately exposed the country to Russian interests.

-read the statement by the main political opposition force, adding:

Viktor Orbán has deliberately exposed Hungary to Russia not only through a long-term gas contract and the gigantic loan for Paks 2, but also by putting Russian spies in Budapest and intentionally dismantling the Hungarian government’s cyber defenses. This is why Viktor Orbán is still blocking united European action against Russia, and why Péter Szijjártó received an award of distinction from Putin’s right-hand man, Sergei Lavrov.

-according to the opposition statement.

DK’s Ágnes Vadai, vice-chair of the Committee on Defense and Law Enforcement, also demanded that Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt initiate official proceedings for treason.

As Péter Polt frequently initiates proceedings on the basis of written questions from Parliament, I will ask him in a written question what this is if not treason.

-wrote Ágnes Vadai in her statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs responded to HVG‘s inquries on the cyberattacks with a brief statement:

We don’t deal with campaign lies.


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