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University of Debrecen Quietly Revokes Putin’s Honorary Citizen Title

picture of Vladimir Putin

The University of Debrecen has annulled its resolution that bestowed the title of Honorary Citizen to Vladimir Putin (pictured) four and a half years ago, announces a March 21 statement on the school’s website spotted by Debreciner.

Although the statement does not mention Putin by name, the number of the resolution – 1/2017 (VIII.18) – makes clear that the Hungarian institute of higher learning has revoked the Russian President of his honorary citizen title.

At its meeting on March 17, the University Senate unanimously adopted an amendment to the section of its organizational and operational rulebook entitled “Procedure for awarding university honors and titles at the University of Debrecen.”

The amendment states that an award may be revoked by three-quarters of its members voting in the affirmative if the recognized person has become unworthy, or if it is not presented to them within three years. Debreciner asked the school which one applied to Vladimir Putin, but has not received an answer yet.

The University of Debrecen decided on August 18, 2017 to award the title of Honorary Citizen to Vladimir Putin.

The University Senate justified this on the grounds that Russia would give the University of Debrecen a major role in implementing the Paks II nuclear power plant expansion project. A strategic contract concluded between the University of Debrecen and Russian state energy giant Rosatom also states that the university could train experts for the project.

Vladimir Putin originally planned to receive the Honorary Citizen award but never did, choosing instead to speak briefly with Viktor Orbán at the opening of the World Judo Championships in Budapest.


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  1. Misi bacsi

    Given earlier “secret” session in Parliament this week, let alone announcement today of new NATO battle groups being sent to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, this regime is changing pace faster than I can say Putin. Given the most recent moves by Orban, it is clear he is under enhanced scrutiny by both the EU and NATO. It is likely that the regime in Budapest may also -correctly- fear future aggressive moves by an increasing isolated and paranoid Putin., possibly secondary to US/NATO intelligence. Of course- Putin- should never have received any honors from the university in Debrecen as Putin was already- in 2017 -guilty of massive corruption, fraudulent elections and above all war crimes in Syria and Chechnya as well as numerous assassinations in and outside of Russia. A truly independent university would never have given any honors to Putin. Orban is like Norway’s Quisling during WWII albeit he is smarter in recognizing when to leave a sinking ship.

    • Steven

      I don’t think a university should give out an “honorary citizen” award to anybody. Seems a bit out of place according to my world view.

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