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Viktor Orbán: No Hungarians Can Get Involved in Russian and Ukrainian Conflict

picture of Viktor Orbán speaking

Viktor Orbán gave a compact election speech for the March 15 national holiday at Kossuth Square in Budapest, at the end of the Peace March.

He began by greeting those “with us from Transcarpathia now,” then went on to say that “we look quite good and even look very good, maybe we have never looked as good as we do today.”

Without mentioning the name of his main political opponent, Péter Márki-Zay, Orbán said that “their prime minister, who they believed to be a comet, has now hit the ground as a cold piece of stone.”

He also touched on the opposition rally across the Danube hosted by Donald Tusk, president of the European People’s Party. Orban spoke about him by saying that “they brought the Pole here, who they are even ashamed of at home, who wrecked his own party, then the People’s Party in Brussels.” However, he noted, “never stop your opponent from making a mistake.”

Orbán talked about strength numerous times. As he said, the reward for strong people is prosperity, security, and a calm life. The wind always blows on the sails of the strong, fortune favors them, they always recover, and a weak nation does not have freedom.

According to Orbán, we should be strong first, then be right, and not the other way around.

On the war in Ukraine, Orbán did not condemn the Russians with a single word, and he set Hungary as a country straddling borders between worlds that could easily be a toy for the great powers, as “we do not understand these kinds of wars here, and they are not fighting for our interests.”

“We live in the purview of countries more powerful than us: Germans, Russians, Turks, and more recently Americans,” Orbán said.

Strength is not just a matter of muscle. A lion cannot be defeated in wrestling, but sand can be sprinkled in his eyes. A bear is unbeatable in arm wrestling, but you can tie a chain to his nose.

-claimed Viktor Orbán.

Orban then turned specifically to the war, talking as if it had just broken out and had not been launched against an independent country by Vladimir Putin. According to the president of Fidesz, in addition to securing the southern border, Hungarian soldiers must now guard the east with weapons.

Russia will have Russian interests, and Ukraine will have Ukrainian interests, but neither the United States nor Brussels will think with a Hungarian head and feel with a Hungarian heart, he said. We must represent our own interests calmly and courageously, stated the Prime Minister, and not be a bystander in someone’s war.

We can’t win anything in this, but we can lose everything. Not a single Hungarian can get between the Ukrainian anvil and the Russian sledgehammer.

-Orbán said, then repeated it once more. He also reiterated that Hungary would not send soldiers or weapons to the war.

He claimed that women do not see the struggle between East and West in the war, and instead of the coercive force of sanctions, they see deprivation, orphaned children, and boys who have been shot down.

If we want Hungary to stay out of the war, we have to listen to the women. At the best moment, a woman has just become President of Hungary.

-Orbán said, and then ended his speech with a description of the final battle against the left.

[444][Photo: Viktor Orbán / Facebook]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Orbán once again shows talent as a snake-oil salesman.
    In case anyone wonders what he wants to do while his mouth works – Orbán’s hands are still tied, as long as Hungary remains a member of the EU and NATO.

    • Steven

      Yes, and what will happen if the EU votes to expel the Russian spybank and nuclear cooperation with Russia from EU territory? Those will be huge blows to Orbán. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already – but maybe the EU is waiting for the results of the Hungarian election first….

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