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Fidesz-Sponsored Groups Vandalizing Opposition Posters, Says András Jámbor

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Between 8pm and midnight last night, Fidesz groups defaced more than 1,000 of our posters. Endless money and power are not enough for them, they’re throwing everything at us: pages that smear us, anonymous flyers, and now this disgraceful vandalism campaign.

-wrote András Jámbor on Facebook on Friday evening.

The candidate for the opposition coalition in Budapest’s District VIII told 444 that an activist had informed him that he had spotted a group systematically putting stickers on the candidate’s posters.

Jámbor went out into the street and encountered some of these vandals, all of whom were putting the same sticker on his posters. Some groups walked the streets with a ladder, while others were only on foot, but they even followed one car-based group in their vehicle for a while, which Jámbor referred to as a “car chase” in his post.

Some of the vandals ran away as soon as they saw Jámbor’s camera, prompting him to remark that “they gave the vandalizing government party a successful lesson in how to run.”

Jámbor thanked the police for their help, and said that he had made a report and would be requesting camera footage of the incidents. Opposition coalition activists had already begun cleaning up the posters that evening.

HVG previously reported that huge numbers of opposition posters had been defaced around the Vác region. In addition, DK’s Zoltán Varga has also recorded video of someone tearing down his posters and replacing them with those of Lajos Kósa in Debrecen.

[HVG][Photo: András Jámbor / Facebook]

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