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Viktor Orbán: “We Condemn Russia’s Military Action”

picture of Viktor Orbán

Russia attacked Ukraine with military force this morning, which led to a meeting of the National Security Operational Task Force. Together with our allies in the European Union and NATO, we condemn Russia’s military action.

-announced Viktor Orbán on Facebook.

The Prime Minister added that an emergency meeting on the issue would be held in Brussels today. According to HVG, the extraordinary EU summit will begin at 8:00pm in the evening.

I see European unity as sustainable, and we can resolve ourselves to take joint action. Hungary must remain out of this warring conflict. The security of Hungarians is the most important thing to us, so we have ruled out sending either soldiers or military equipment to Ukraine.

-said Orbán, who added that Hungary will “naturally” offer humanitarian aid.

The Prime Minister did not forget to mention the government’s utility price cut policy either. He said that they could not accept proposals by the left-wing that would endanger Hungary’s gas and energy supply and the utility price cuts for Hungarian families.

Orbán also stated that Hungarian military and designated police units have been deployed to ​​the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

We can expect an increase in the number of Ukrainian citizens coming to Hungary, presumably requesting refugee status. We are prepared to provide for them, and we will be able to face this challenge quickly and efficiently.

-said the Prime Minister.


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  1. Misi bacsi

    When faced with unanimous NATO condemnation, let alone unanimous EU opposition to Putin’s aggression, no surprise that the cowardly opportunist, Orban now promises “humanitarian” assistance to Ukraine and “denounces”
    Putin’s aggression. Russian bombs and/or missiles have fallen-as you- about 100 miles east of the Hungarian border; perhaps that was a wake up call for Orban.

    • Steven

      Has he had a wake-up call? I’ll believe it if Paks II is canceled and Russia’s International Investment Bank is kicked out of Hungary!

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