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Where Did 16 Billion Ft. in EU Funds Go, Ask Opposition Politicians

picture of Balogh Dorosz and Hadházy

Construction on a half-built server park in Göd designed to store all important data for the Hungarian government has been stopped, said Csaba Balogh, the mayor of the town. Balogh learned of this when he asked about modifying some details of the project related to the expected noise level.

Mayor Balogh, Dávid Dorosz, the local joint candidate for the opposition coalition, and independent MP Ákos Hadházy appeared in a video together at the site of the abandoned construction project, which Dorosz posted on social media.

The opposition politicians point out in the video that Bence Tuzson, the Fidesz MP in the region and state secretary for government communication in the Prime Minister’s Office, and fellow Fidesz politician Ákos Kara, former state secretary in the Ministry of National Development, laid the cornerstone for the server park in 2016, promising that the Hungarian state would store all of its data there from the following year. However, delays forced a change in the project timetable.

The European Union provided 16 billion Ft. (US $51.8 million) in funding for the project, which was contracted out to Lőrinc Mészáros-owned ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. Beyond this, the building contractor also got subsidies from the Hungarian government, said Hadházy, which he believes to also be in the order of several billion forints, although he has not been able to determine the exact amount.

Whatever the case, the opposition MP claimed that after construction was stopped, there have been attempts to remove all traces of the project.

Dávid Dorosz wasn’t shy about sharing his opinion on the performance of the region’s MP:

This area has a “zero” Member of Parliament – Bence “Zero” Tuzson, which unfortunately is demonstrated by the abandoned construction site behind us.

-said Dávid Dorosz in the video about his political opponent in the district, noting that Tuzson serves the financial interests of multinational companies, but has done nothing for the region.

In addition to the sight of a “concrete sarcophagus,” locals only got environmental damage and noise pollution out of the half-built project, stated Dorosz.

We’re going to formulate written questions to authorities in relation to this project to find out one of the most important questions: ‘Bence, where did the money go? Where did you put it?’

-asked the opposition politician.

[Népszava][Photo: Dávid Dorosz / Facebook]

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