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Billboards Call attention to Orbán’s Unwillingness to Debate Péter Márki-Zay

picture of Tibor Bana and billboard

The joint prime ministerial candidate for the opposition, Péter Márki-Zay, is “constantly being attacked because he does not tolerate stealing,” claims the Everybody’s Hungary Movement (MMM). At the same time, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lies, which is why he is afraid to confront Márki-Zay in a debate.

MMM has now launched a nationwide billboard campaign to make Hungarians aware of these things, announced Tibor Bana, Member of Parliament from Vas County and MMM coordinator (pictured), on Friday.

Bana said that 1,300 billboards had been put up around the country to highlight the importance of a debate between the two main candidates for prime minister.

Márki-Zay has invited Prime Minister Viktor Orban and János Lázár, his opponent in the individual constituency where he is also running, to debate him, but neither of them took him up on the offer.

“He’s afraid to debate because he lies!”

“In every country, in every committed democracy, it is important that the prime ministerial candidates contrast their views with each other on various issues,” Tibor Bana said in the outdoor news conference on February 4.

Tibor Bana said that in addition to the posters, seven cars will also be driving around to get their message across to voters.

During the campaign period that officially starts on February 12, Fidesz will have ten times as many billboards as the opposition, so this is what we have to compete with.

-said Tibor Bana.

Tibor Bana added that on February 12, the day the election campaign officially starts, the United for Hungary opposition coalition will launch its own billboard campaign.

[HVG][Photos: Mindenki Magyarországa Mozgalom / Facebook]

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