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As Many As 267 Parties Could Be Running in This Year’s Election

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Nearly 270 parties could theoretically take part in Hungary’s April 3 parliamentary elections, as there are 267 parties legally registered with the National Court Office, writes state news agency MTI. Roughly half of these have been registered just in the past four years, with 58 parties approved last year and five parties so far in 2022.

Parties that want to run in an election also have to register their intent with the National Election Commission (NVB).

NVB told MTI that it had already registered 46 organizations for this year’s parliamentary elections. For the 2018 elections, the committee registered 101 parties and all 13 national self-government organizations.

To draw up a national party list, parties have to nominate candidates in at least 14 counties or the capital, as well as in 71 individual electoral districts. National lists must be sent to NVB by 4:00pm on February 26 at the latest.

On Thursday, NVB registered three more organizations who plan to take part in the election: the National Ruthenian Self-Government, the Romanian National Self-Government of Hungary, and the Historical Party of the Social Democrats.

However, the National Roma Self-Government was not able to come to an agreement on its candidates during its General Assembly on Monday, which means that it won’t be able to set up a national list for the April 3 elections. [Telex, Index]

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