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Orbán in Moscow – What Was Discussed With Putin Yesterday?

picture of Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán

444 summarized statements made and main items discussed in yesterday’s meeting between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, based on a nine-minute video put together by Russian news agency TASS:

  • Trade between the two countries increased by 30% over the past year, according to Vladimir Putin.
  • Cooperation in the fields of energy and machinery remains stable.
  • Gazprom has signed a long-term agreement with Hungary that is valid until 2036.
  • Regarding security, the Russian President is happy to discuss the status of the written proposals he sent to the US and NATO.
  • Viktor Orbán states that it is always a great honor to have a personal meeting with Putin (reportedly the 11th time the two have met).
  • The Prime Minister has no plans to leave office, is running again in the spring parliamentary elections, and has high hopes that the two will be able to work together for many years to come.
  • 2021 was the most successful year ever between the two countries in terms of mutual cooperation. Russia assisted with Hungary’s two big challenges of the year, vaccines and energy, says Orbán. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine was given to 900,000 Hungarians, for which Orbán deeply thanks the Russian President.
  • The long-term gas agreement is very important, and the Hungarian Prime Minister wants to see them raise the bar with this.
  • Security is the most exciting issue, Orbán says, as “my visit is also a peace mission,” and “since no EU leader wants war and conflict, we are ready for a sensible agreement.”
  • The Paks nuclear power plant expansion project is progressing fantastically.
  • Orbán has a few concrete suggestions on how they can cooperate better.
  • A long-term gas agreement is important not only because it provides stability, Putin says, but it also allows Hungary to purchase gas five times cheaper than the European market price.
  • Referencing the Hungarian elections on April 3, Putin says that although he would be able to work with anyone, he believes Viktor Orbán has done a great deal for the Hungarian people and the interests of Russia, and remains confident that they will be able to continue working together.

In addition to the information in the TASS video, a tweet sent by the “Sputnik V” Twitter account claims that “Russia is working on technology transfer for Sputnik vaccine production in Hungary.”

UPDATE (5/26/2022): The TASS video of the Orbán/Putin meeting appears to have been removed. (Formerly available at

[444, HVG][Photo: Kreml/MTI/MTVA]

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