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Volner Party Not Running in Elections, Calls on Other Right-Wing Parties to Drop Out

picture of János Volner

The Volner Party announced that it would not be taking part in this year’s parliamentary elections, as it does not expect to pass the 5% threshold to get into Parliament, and running candidates would only “increase the chances of the left-liberals coming to power,” the party said in a press release sent to state news agency MTI.

The party’s statement said that although it could use the “hundreds of millions of forints in state aid that it could get in the election campaign to expand the party further,” in the end they declined it, stating:

We choose our country instead of the hundreds of millions that we could get from the state.

Party founder János Volner is asking fellow former Jobbik politicians Andrea Varga-Damm, László Toroczkai, and János Bencsik to follow the example of the Volner Party and also drop out of the elections:

I ask you not to put Hungary in danger by increasing the odds of the left-liberal bloc gaining power through right-wing votes. Please stay true to the spirit of Jobbik’s founding statement and do everything you can to protect Hungary from the communist successor parties and the extremist liberals who have joined forces with them.

The party claims that although it continues to grow its base of support, it is still not big enough to get the necessary 5% of the vote to get into Parliament.

Based on this, we made the responsible decision not to run in the 2022 parliamentary elections.

-stated the party.

The Volner Party was formed a little over a year ago by former Jobbik MP János Volner. It views its primary goal as defending the country “from the communist successor parties and the extremist liberals allied with them.” [Index]

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