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Hungarian Workers’ Party and ISZOMM Form Alliance, Will Run Joint Candidates in Election

picture of Tibor Szanyi

The Hungarian Workers’ Party and the Yes Solidarity for Hungary Movement (ISZOMM) are forming an electoral alliance for the 2022 parliamentary elections, the two parties announced on Friday. As they stated, their “Left-Wing Alliance” will promote a joint political platform entitled “Welfare Socialism.”

The Workers’ Party and ISZOMM plan to run candidates in all 106 individual electoral districts, and will begin collecting the necessary signatures to nominate joint candidates in each of them.

The new alliance will nominate ISZOMM founder Tibor Szanyi (pictured) as its joint candidate for prime minister, and will also have a common party list of candidates that includes the presidents of each party, Gyula Thürmer and Andrea Huszti, current MP Sándor Székely, as well as their candidate for head of state, Éva Pál.

The Hungarian Workers’ Party was established after the fall of the communist Hungarian People’s Republic, and considers itself the ideological heir to the former ruling Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party. Szanyi was an active politician in the Hungarian Socialist Party for over two decades before leaving it in January 2020 and forming ISZOMM two months later.

Previously, Tibor Szanyi had said that his party would be running on its own in the April 3 parliamentary elections. [HVG]

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