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Opposition Youth Groups Protest Völner Scandal, Give Failing Grade to Orbán Gov’t

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“We’ll be giving a report card to those who get their grades through a telephone call instead of an exam,” stated the invitation by Every Youth’s Hungary to the Buda Castle on Sunday afternoon, where the group protested recent developments in the Völner corruption case at the Carmelite Monastery, which houses the Office of the Prime Minister at Szent György Square.

One of the relatives of former State Secretary Pál Völner, currently under suspicion of receiving bribes, and Ádám Nagy, Chief of Staff of Minister Antal Rogán, are among those who illegally passed their university exams after György Schadl, the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Bailiffs and one of the key figures in the Völner scandal, put pressure on university teachers.

MSZP’s youth section, the Red Front, joined the event organized by the youth organization of the Everybody’s Hungary Movement, led by opposition prime ministerial-candidate Péter Márki-Zay.

Every Youth’s Hungary gives the Orbán government a string of failing grades, Jan. 23, 2022

Tens of thousands of college students are poring over their notes through the night in these weeks so they can successfully pass their exams, studying so they can get a good job and a decent livelihood. Because they think this is how to get ahead.

-said Every Youth’s Hungary. In contrast to this, a different set of rules applies for a young man sitting next to the most powerful minister in the Orbán government, already with a good salary, a large office, an assistant, and a car at his disposal.

He didn’t take his university exams, yet he passed them. He didn’t have to study, he didn’t have knowledge or diligence, yet he went further than most of his contemporaries. Why? Because he’s one of the Fidesz privileged. This is what he gets, because the world is his. Theirs. The privileged. The country belongs to them.

-stated speakers at the protest.

However, protest organizers said that they do not want to live in such a country, adding that they are studying to get ahead in life and not so that “the well-connected can pass them by on a glide path.”

They also have a message to those who have chosen the party membership book over the textbook:

You may have fraudulently passed the exam, but you have failed us.

[Népszava][Photos: Minden Fiatal Magyarországa / Facebook]

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