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Ágnes Kunhalmi in Hospital With Covid

picture of Ágnes Kunhalmi

MSZP Co-Chair Ágnes Kunhalmi has caught coronavirus and is currently in the hospital, the politician shared on Facebook yesterday, along with a photo of herself in Honvéd Hospital.

I felt a stabbing pain in my back in the evening, and I woke up at dawn with the feeling that my lungs were about to explode through my back. I felt so terrible that I ended up in Honvéd. I was quite worried about what would happen now, and all I could think about were the two Astra Zeneca and the one Pfizer vaccines protecting me. I’ll have a few more difficult days according to the doctors, but I hope things start to get better.

-wrote Kunhalmi, who asked everyone to vaccinate if they could.

The Socialist leader is the second leading opposition politician to be infected with Covid this week, after United for Hungary’s candidate for prime minister, Péter Márki-Zay, announced a positive test two days ago. However, his symptoms appear to be much milder, and he was able to announce on Thursday that the opposition had collected the necessary number of signatures for its proposed two-question referendum. [Azonnali]

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