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Online Betting Site Gives Fidesz 78% Chance of Winning Election


A gambling site is now taking bets on the results of the Hungarian election, according to the Facebook page.

Online betting site Unibet is paying out 1.25 for Viktor Orbán’s re-election as prime minister, while they are giving 3:1 odds for a victory by Péter Márki-Zay’s side.

Essentially, this means that the betting site gives Fidesz a 72% chance of winning the election, and the united opposition a 28% chance.

This is broadly in line with the outcome of current surveys, the post states.


A chart on the group’s Facebook page shows that if the election was held “this Sunday,” they estimate that the ruling Fidesz-KDNP coaltion would win 107 seats in the National Assembly based on 47.0% support, while United for Hungary would win 91 seats with 46.5% support, and 1 seat would go to the National Self-Government of Germans in Hungary (MNOÖ).

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