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Left-Wing Writer, Activist Gergely Homonnay Found Dead in Rome

picture of Gergely Homonnay

Writer and public activist Gergely Homonnay was found dead in an Italian club on Saturday morning, Corriere della Sera reported. The news was also confirmed to HVG by a source close to his family.

According to the Italian newspaper, the 53-year-old Hungarian man was found by a manager in the steam bath of a private club called Bananon in Rome. They immediately called an ambulance but he couldn’t be revived. Reports were that Homonnay was alone and his death was reported to have been caused by cardiac arrest.

While no evidence of a crime has emerged, the Italian paper reports that police are investigating suspicious white powder and liquid found in a vial. Whether these may have anything to do with Homonnay’s death is still unclear.

According to his Wikipedia entry, Gergely Homonnay graduated from the University of Szeged with a degree in English and German, then studied law in Pécs and at ELTE in Budapest. He worked in several different jobs and his writings appeared on various websites.

Homonnay began blogging fifteen years ago, and he became well-known through his blogs, books, and political activism.

Gergely Homonnay joined the Democratic Coalition as an activist after the April 2018 election and was one of the main organizers of the April protests. In September 2021, he was found guilty of defaming then-Minister Katalin Novák, sentenced to one year’s probation, and ordered to pay her court costs.


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