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Resigning Her Current Role, Novák Says Left-Wing “Does Not Respect Women”

picture of Katalin Novák

Katalin Novák will resign as Minister for Family Affairs on December 31, the Fidesz politician announced on her Facebook page.

At a Government Information briefing on Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed to a journalist that Fidesz would nominate Katalin Novák as President of Hungary. Novák now wrote that she was concentrating all of her energy on the task before her.

The newly-resigned minister also went to TV2’s program on Wednesday morning to talk to Péter Pachmann about how she felt after it was announced that she would be Fidesz’s nominee for head of state.

Novák said it was “not a one-person invitation” because she also has a husband and three children, and “it is a task that affects the whole family,” which is why they made the decision together.

Of course, I knew that this meant that I could be the first woman President of Hungary, which in itself is a sweet burden and responsibility, and as the first person in the country I have an idea of what the President’s role is, and I considered whether I am able to grow to the task.

-Novák said on the program.

Katalin Novák also noted that there were “countries much more advanced in democracy” such as the United States, France, and Germany, but none of them have had a female president. She said many women now feel that “this is their success too.”

In addition, the politician also spoke about the reaction by the opposition to her nomination as Hungary’s head of state. Their reactions show that left-wing politicians do not respect women, said Katalin Novák.

[444, HVG][Photo: Katalin Novák / Facebook]

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