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Hungary’s Civil Servants Overworked, Underpaid, and Won’t Get a Raise Next Year

picture of Mrs. Péter Boros

The President of the Hungarian Civil Servants, Civil Employees, and Public Service Employees Trade Union, Mrs. Péter Boros (pictured), and Dr. István Taskovics, President of the Social Security Workers Trade Union, wrote a letter to Minister Gergely Gulyás complaining about the working conditions and wages of workers in civil administration.

During the pandemic, these were the workers who organized the distribution of vaccines, helped with their administration, and received clients in their offices, exposing themselves to the virus, Mrs. Péter Boros told Magyar Hang.

Civil administration jobs also suffer from a constant shortage of staff and a heavy workload, but the government forgot about them when a pay raise in the public sector was announced at the end of the year, complained Mrs. Boros.

She stated that the starting salary for civil servants is 200,000 Ft. (US $615) per month, while the “guaranteed” minimum wage for skilled workers will be 260,000 Ft. ($800) next year.

In a situation like this, the workers who handle government administration are slowly disappearing. They are going to work for Lidl at one and a half times their current salary.

-the two union presidents write in their open letter. They claim that any vacancies cannot be filled at existing salaries, and current regulations state that unfilled positions automatically get defunded after six months.

However, the Government is not curious about the legitimate needs of those working in government administration, nor does it listen to their representatives, although they are required to by law. If such an meeting were to take place, civil servants representatives would not receive a substantive answer to anything. This can’t even be called a dialogue. One can expect more consolation from a confessional priest.

-they write in their letter.

Mrs. Péter Boros told Magyar Hang that civil servants cannot expect to make a decent living under such conditions. It’s no surprise, she said, that new graduates do not want to work there either, but choose an employer that values its employees.

[Magyar Hang][Photo: Péterné Boros / Facebook]

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