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Nursery School Workers to Get 20% Pay Raise From January

picture of Lőrinc Nacsa

Employees at public nursery schools will get a 20% pay raise in January, announced Lőrinc Nacsa, spokesman for the KDNP Parliamentary faction (pictured), in a video sent to state new agency MTI on Sunday. Wages for nursery school workers have increased several times since 2010, and construction and investments in nursery schools are ongoing, he added.

In his statement, the KDNP politician also attacked Hungary’s opposition and in particular Hungary’s former left-wing government, claiming that:

The left does not have respect for nursery school workers, or generally the upbringing and care of children either… in the Gyurcsány-Bajnai era, nursery workers had one month’s salary taken from them and were made to work for humiliatingly low wages.

He then added that “instead of building nursery schools, they would prefer to build accommodation for migrants first.”

Nacsa did not omit his party’s campaign slogan either, noting that “Hungary must go forward, not backward.” Then, on behalf of Fidesz-KDNP, he thanked the nursery workers for their year-round work, emphasizing that the pandemic poses a particularly great challenge for them and endangers their health, as they work closely with children every day.


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