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Curia President Also Expresses Concerns About Legal Reform Ideas Coming from Opposition

picture of András Zs. Varga

Following comments published by Constitutional Court President Tamás Sulyok on Tuesday, András Zs. Varga (pictured) has also come out in support of the Fundamental Law drafted and adopted unilaterally by Fidesz.

According to the provisions of the Fundamental Law, the protection of Hungary’s constitutional identity is the responsibility of every state agency.

-wrote Varga, the head of the Curia High Court, in a letter responding to Sulyok’s comments. In Sulyok’s open letter to President János Áder and House Speaker László Kövér, the President of the Constitutional Court expressed his objection to statements by supporters of the opposition that they would repeal the Fundamental Law and dissolve the Constitutional Court in the event of a change of government.

András Zs. Varga assured Tamás Sulyok of his support in protecting “the Fundamental Law and order in Hungary.” At the same time, he pointed out that he had taken an oath in Parliament front of the “country colors” that he would stay loyal to the most important public legal document in the country.

Previously, four well-known lawyers critical of the current regime published a study stating that the opposition should take over the authority of the Constitutional Court on the first day of the new Parliament, while declaring the Fundamental Law null and void.


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