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Opposition Will Incorporate “Digital Governance” If Elected

picture of Zoltán Somogyi and Péter Márki-Zay

The opposition’s joint prime ministerial candidate, Péter Márki-Zay, has signed an agreement with non-governmental organization Civil Platform (PP), according to the group’s founder, sociologist Zoltán Somogyi.

The agreement shows that Márki-Zay and the political parties behind him support the concept of “digital governance,” which can play a key role in the fight against corruption, make the state much more transparent, and reform education and health care in Hungary, according to Index.

Digital governance policies will be devised by PP for the united opposition’s political platform, with the NGO first putting together a feasibility study at Péter Márki-Zay’s request. A strategic study of digital governance that will form the basis of the feasibility study has already been prepared.

With focused policies, digital governance can provide huge results in the quality of public services, the fight against corruption, and lowering expeditures in the national budget. A competitive Hungary cannot be achieved without well-designed digital governance and a state that serves its citizens

-writes Zoltán Somogyi in an previous Index article.

The goal of the PP is for both political sides to include proposals in their election platform for balancing the national budget and creating the most optimal functioning of the government in terms of quality, efficiency, and transparency, meaning that it be corruption-free.

The association believes that digitalisation must become one of the central elements of post-2022 governance, as does wealthy entrepreneur György Gattyán, who is considering a run for office next year.

[Index][Photo: Zoltán Somogyi / Facebook]

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