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Szijjártó: New German Gov’t is Pro-Migration, U.S. Spreads “Fake News” About Orbán

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Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó gave a half-hour interview to Russia Today TV, a media outfit considered close to the Russian state, and reported by Klubrádió.

In the interview, Szijjártó spoke about the fact that Hungary is a sovereign country that decides for itself who it wants and does not want to live with. The Foreign Minister described the new German coalition now forming a government in no uncertain terms as pro-migration.

Szijjártó also pointed out that the German left and the country’s media constantly criticize the Hungarian government on issues such as its relations with Russia.

The great powers can afford to not do what they say, while Hungary always does as it says, Szijjártó told RT’s “Worlds Apart” program.

On the issue of Hungary not being invited to a democracy summit organized by the US government, the Foreign Minister also declared pride in Hungary’s democracy and said they don’t care about anyone else’s opinion on the matter. He reminded viewers that Hungary had been fighting for its freedom for over 1,000 years, and that the country shouldn’t be treated like a high school student.

There is a lot of fake news are being spread in America about Hungary and Viktor Orbán, who personally fights for the country’s freedom, Klubrádió reported Szijjártó as saying.


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