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Government Won’t Say Why Ambassador to Kazakhstan Was Recalled

picture of Levente Magyar

Hungary’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Mihály Gálosfai, was relieved of his duties at the beginning of November despite only having served in the role for a little over a year, reports Telex.

Socialist MP Attila Mesterházy noticed the announcement of Gálosfai’s dismissal in the Official Gazette, as well as the fact that the achievements of the diplomat had not been listed in it, as typically occurs in such cases.

Inquiring about the matter to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó in a letter sent on November 10, Mesterházy directly asked the minister the following questions:

Why was Mihály Gálosfai recalled from his post as ambassador a year after arriving?

Why were the merits of the former Kazakh ambassador not recognized upon his dismissal?

However, the former chair of the Hungarian Socialist Party only received an answer on November 25 from State Secretary Levente Magyar (pictured), who informed the MP that:

The termination of Mihály Gálosfai’s government service is in progress, and his foreign service duties in [Kazakh capital] Nur-Sultan ended on October 11.

In other words, the State Secretary restated what had already been revealed in the Gazette in early November.

Telex has also inquired at the ministry about the issue, but the news portal still has not received an official response yet.


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