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Márki-Zay’s “Migrant Counter” Shows How Many Migrants Fidesz Has Let in Country

picture of Péter Márki-Zay

Péter Márki-Zay, the joint opposition prime minister-designate, revealed a “migrant counter” billboard at a press conference at the border on Thursday, reports Telex.

The billboard’s design recalls a similar design from the government’s previous “Did you know?” campaign that featured Hungarian-American George Soros’ supposed plans to allow large numbers of immigrants to enter Hungary.

“The most important message we can see with this so-called migrant counter, in a campaign that is just starting, is to let everyone know that Viktor Orbán is not anti-immigration. In fact, as George Soros’ best student, he organizes migration, and no one has brought in more migrants than him. Moreover, we can also see, for example, that Soros has not brought one single migrant into Hungary,” said Márki-Zay.

The opposition politician added that he wanted even the “most innocent, ignorant voter” to be aware of this.

Márki-Zay said the opposition’s plan is to keep what is good, such as family benefits, low taxes, and the border fence. “The fence stays. The fence that is seen behind me here is the fence protecting the border, a working element of preventing illegal migration, so the opposition wants to keep this fence,” he stated.

According to the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely, Orbán has implemented the Soros plan. “George Soros, the teacher of Orbán, recommended the admission of a maximum of 500,000 migrants per year, of which 10,000 would go to Hungary,” said Márki-Zay.

He said that Orbán had implemented this plan by settling 55,000 migrants in Hungary in 2019, and that even during Covid last year, 43,000 migrants from outside the European Union settled in the country. Márki-Zay believes that the workforce shortage must be solved by enticing Hungarian workers abroad back home.

Mentioning the settlement bonds that allow foreigners to purchase residence in Hungary, Márki-Zay claimed that “Orbán, if he can profit from it, will settle criminals and terrorists in Hungary in an organized manner.”

In response, Fidesz issued a statement claiming that Péter Márki-Zay regularly advocates migration, talks about the need to accept migrants and integrate them into Hungary, and that the Soros plan is executed by the left alone. It doesn’t matter what the opposition promises, as they will resettle more migrants, according to Fidesz.

At his press conference, opposition leader Márki-Zay introduced Róbert Lengyel as a board member of his Everybody’s Hungary Movement, where he will serve as coordinator of internal matters in the united opposition.

In a speech, Lengyel, the mayor of Siófok and a former policeman, also talked about the need for the border fence and the necessity of spending more on the police, even if money has to be taken from elsewhere.

[Telex][Photo: Péter Márki-Zay / Facebook]

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