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Extinction Rebellion Sets Off Smoke Bombs in Front of Parliament to Protest Gov’t Inaction on Climate Crisis

picture of Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion Hungary expressed its displeasure in front of Parliament on Wednesday morning over the lack of action on the global climate crisis.

The group’s goal is to draw attention to the fact that world leaders are not acting in a timely and effective manner to deal with the challenges the world faces.

After President János Áder spoke about the importance of environmental action at the COP26 climate summit, the group expects immediate and radical steps from the government. Activists drew attention to the gravity of the situation with red smoke bombs and a banner that read: “The Name of the Planet: Death?”

The group’s activists say that COP conferences, organized since 1995, have so far not provided a solution to the climate catastrophe. Commitments made thus far have remained empty promises, while the principles of justice have not prevailed in venues of international cooperation. Those most affected by the climate crisis have not been represented because they have not been given an equal opportunity to participate.

Hungarian President János Áder represented Hungary at the twelve-day climate conference, where he gave a speech claiming that “coal-fired power plants will be phased out hopefully by 2026, but certainly by 2030.”

According to the protesters, climate protection measures promoted by the Hungarian government, such as the recently-published “Hungary Going Green!” survey, represent precisely the kind of PR spin that was criticized by President Áder.

“The government’s commitments are not ambitious enough, and moreover, the state also subsidizes polluting companies and actively contributes to the destruction of Hungary’s natural world. If we let everything go on as business as usual, we can look forward to a dark future, ”said Dániel Pap, an activist with Extinction Rebellion Hungary.

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