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“Drug-Free” Hungary Sending Drug Prevention Counselors to Seychelles

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Among the important agreements concluded between Hungary and the Republic of Seychelles, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó announced that “Hungary will help the Seychelles in the fight against drugs by training drug prevention professionals, health workers, doctors and psychologists, starting in December of this year.”

Meanwhile, HVG recalls that Hungary’s national drug strategy expired two years ago, quoting: “The long-term goal of the strategy is to achieve a drug-free Hungary by 2020, although this may seem unrealistic based on global and domestic trends.” HVG takes the expiration of Hungary’s drug strategy as an indication that the country is now “officially drug-free.”

In schools, only an outside person or organization registered by a statutory body is permitted to hold a drug prevention session, but the list does not exist yet, nor is it even known which agency will put it together. A Hungarian company is setting up a cyber security center against drug smuggling in the country through a $17 million credit line from Eximbank, in part to combat drug smuggling and piracy.

The minister stated that illegal drug smuggling poses an increasingly serious global challenge, and that smuggling routes have recently changed due to the latest developments in Afghanistan.


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