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More Hungarian Children Showing Covid Symptoms

picture of child with mask

There are more and more children with coronavirus every week, said Katalin Havasi, the president of the National Association of Home Pediatricians. And while previously children were able to get over it without much trouble, Havasi said more of them now are reporting symptoms of the disease.

The director general of Bethesda Children’s Hospital told RTL Híradó that symptoms consistent with coronavirus have become more prevalent since children returned to community spaces. Hospitals are seeing children with sore throats, weakness, and upset stomaches. However, Havasi added that they haven’t seen any serious cases so far.

Gábor Zacher, emergency physician and head doctor at the Hatvan hospital, stated that Hungarian children under 12 should be authorized to receive the vaccine as soon as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approves its use for them.


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