picture of Hungarian police car at border

After the government released of a new video in which residents of Mórahalom, close to the Serbian border, spoke of being terrified by a wave of migrants coming over the border, Népszava visited the town to investigate the video’s claims for itself.

The newspaper found that the last time the town saw scenes depicted in the video was back in 2016, but that they “have not seen a refugee in the city for months.”

It also turned out that the people featured in the government’s video actually lived on farms along the border and not in the actual town itself, although one lady who appeared in the video confirmed that she had told the truth and did see large numbers of immigrants appear close to her home.

However, Mórahalom residents told Népszava that it was an exaggeration to say that they are afraid of a refugee wave. “The hell we’re scared, what idiocy,” one person told the newspaper.

You can watch the government’s video here:


By Steven N.

Steven is the editor-in-chief of Hungarian Politics. He has been following the political scene in Hungary and the Central European region more or less since 1994.