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Szekszárd Mayor Unable to Fulfill Duties Due to Neurological Disease, Claims Group

picture of Rezső Ács

The Long Live Szekszárd caucus has issued a statement urging a vote of confidence in Rezső Ács, the mayor of Szekszárd, a town in southern Hungary, writes 444.

Mayor Ács announced a year ago that he was ataxic, meaning that his movements were more uncertain and it was more difficult for him to speak. Ataxia is a degenerative disease of the nervous system.

However, in an interview with Blikk at the time, the mayor said that the illness “honestly has no effect on his actual work,” and that he expected to last until the end of his term in office.

But Long Live Szekszárd’s statement says that “there is no longer a real leader in the city.” According to the caucus, “the mayor’s speech in general assemblies is often incomprehensible, slow, and his movements uncoordinated.”

Due to several reasons laid out by the group, the Long Live Szekszárd requests Mayor Ács to “ask the inhabitants of our city, those who put him in power in 2019, whether they still trust him in this state,” and “if the people of Szekszárd have lost his trust, resign and set up an interim election for the office of mayor.”


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