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Hungary Has Highest Coronavirus Transmission Rate in the World

picture of Hungarian Red Cross person

Hungary has the highest coronavirus transmission rate in the world according to data published a week ago, reported television news RTL Híradó on Wednesday night. The rate shows how many healthy people a patient infects, with the number in Hungary now at 1.85.

Colombia is in second place with 1.76, and in third place is the Czech Republic with 1.68.

According to virologist Zsolt Boldogkői, slightly different values ​​would come out if calculated with different amounts, “but the high rate still indicates a serious problem.” Interviewed by TV station RTL Klub, Boldogkői said that currently “the epidemic is raging in the east, but heading towards us. It seems the epidemic has hit us and exploded.”

Vaccination is important, says mathematician Gergely Röst, who has been conducting epidemiological modeling of the spread of the virus, but it is no longer enough. This is why a wider use of masks “and other risk-based targeted measures” is necessary if we are to significantly alleviate the peak of the fourth wave, he believes.


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