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Hungarian Soldiers Headed to Hospitals Again

picture of solider at Gyula Hospital

The Hungarian Defense Forces are sending an extra 194 soldiers to 75 hospitals on Tuesday to assist them with administering coronavirus-related health care duties, announced the Defense Ministry in a press release.

“By request, some 300 soldiers will provide help from November 2 to several hospitals in Budapest and around the country to relieve the tasks of workers in health care institutions,” states the ministry. Soldiers at these hospitals will take part in logistic functions, assist arriving patients with various needs, and with administration and transport duties.

In July, Minister for Human Resources Miklós Kásler ended the deployment of Hungarian soldiers to hospitals after the army had provided eight months of service to 93 institutions. However, based on pandemic data from over the weekend, further spread of the coronavirus in the fourth wave of the pandemic appears unstoppable. In the past three days alone, 11,211 new infections, 152 deaths, and 2,605 hospitalizations have been registered in Hungary.

[Népszava] [Photo: Soldiers at Gyula Hospital, Gyula Televízió / YouTube]

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