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András Giró-Szász: Opposition Unlikely to Defeat Orbán

There’s very little chance of the opposition winning next spring’s parliamentary elections, said András Giró-Szász, a former advisor of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and previous spokesperson for Orbán’s government.

Speaking at a Management Forum event, Giró-Szász claimed there was no mood in the country for a change of government, and that the opposition’s only chance of winning the election is to craft political discourse that is emotionally-based instead of rationally-based.

Giró-Szász, who was Orbán’s top political advisor between 2015-2018, believes that united opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay doesn’t have a better chance of defeating Fidesz than anyone else, owing to the fact that Márki-Zay’s hands are tied because of the formation of the parties lined up behind him.

The political advisor also stated that the creation of a national capital class in Hungary serves not just its own interests but the benefit of the country, adding that any Hungarian owner is preferable to a foreign one. [Index]

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