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Hungarian Politics Podcast – Benedek Jávor

Benedek Jávor photo
Benedek Jávor at the “Sustainable Energy Scenario for Hungary” Conference, 18 May 2016

Hungarian Politics welcomes Benedek Jávor, Member of the European Parliament from the Dialogue for Hungary opposition party (known by its Hungarian initials PM), for the inaugural edition of the program.

Jávor joins us for a discussion on the planned expansion of the nuclear power plant in Paks, Hungary by the Fidesz government, and tells us why he and his party are so adamantly opposed to these plans.

Among the topics discussed in this interview are:

  • the major problems and dangers he sees with the current agreement to expand Paks
  • how Hungary can maintain its energy needs without increasing nuclear power capacity
  • the four specific complaints that the European Union has lodged with the Hungarian government regarding Paks
  • how he plans to continue raising awareness of Paks within the EU and among the Hungarian public
  • the few areas where PM and the ruling Fidesz government are in agreement with each other

You can visit Benedek Jávor’s homepage, go to his official European Parliament page, or follow him on Twitter @javorbenedek

Listen to the interview above, or download the file to your local drive. Thanks for listening!

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