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Nursery school workers to get 20% pay raise from January

picture of Lőrinc Nacsa

Employees at public nursery schools will get a 20% pay raise in January, announced Lőrinc Nacsa, spokesman for the KDNP Parliamentary faction (pictured), in a video sent to state new agency MTI on Sunday. Wages for nursery school workers have increased several times since 2010, and construction and investments in nursery schools are ongoing, he added.

In his statement, the KDNP politician also attacked Hungary’s opposition and in particular Hungary’s former left-wing government, claiming that:

The left does not have respect for nursery school workers, or generally the upbringing and care of children either… in the Gyurcsány-Bajnai era, nursery workers had one month’s salary taken from them and were made to work for humiliatingly low wages.

He then added that “instead of building nursery schools, they would prefer to build accommodation for migrants first.”

Nacsa did not omit his party’s campaign slogan either, noting that “Hungary must go forward, not backward.” Then, on behalf of Fidesz-KDNP, he thanked the nursery workers for their year-round work, emphasizing that the pandemic poses a particularly great challenge for them and endangers their health, as they work closely with children every day.


Gov’t claims Gyurcsány is responsible for the teacher strike

picture of Ferenc Gyurcsány

“It is obvious that the teacher strike announced for January and March is part of a campaign by the left,” responded the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) to news of the warning strike announced by Hungary’s public school teachers on Wednesday.

As previously reported, teacher unions decided to take more drastic steps to address problems in education following another unsuccessful round of strike negotiations. EMMI also reacted to the strike, announced for January 31 and March 16, by saying that the teachers are being directed by none other than former Prime Minister and current DK Chair Ferenc Gyurcsány (pictured).

As the ministry put it:

The left pulls the teacher unions on a string during every election campaign, persuading them into political acts. It does this by putting thousands of educators on the streets when the left is in power, depriving them of a month of pay and keeping them employed for humiliatingly low wages.

EMMI noted that “the unions, under the influence of Gyurcsány’s party, are still declaring a strike after getting a comprehensive pay raise, while another 10% increase in teacher salaries will come into force in January, followed by yet another pay raise in 2023.”

The ministry also claims that unions have been inconsistent about vaccinations. Just this past spring, teachers had asked for a return to in-person education only once they’d been vaccinated, but now are rejecting vaccine mandates.

In the last few months of the epidemic, children and parents have already spent a lot of time at home, which has caused learning difficulties for many. Another period without teaching due to a teacher strike would place an additional, undue burden on both children and parents.

-EMMI wrote, adding that they were still open to strike negotiations scheduled to continue on 12 January.

But the Teachers’ Union claims that Deputy State Secretary László Kisfaludy has so far lacked openness in the talks.

Until now, we had been hoping to get results at the negotiating table, but to no avail. We are announcing a warning strike because we have run out of patience.

-said union representative Zsuzsa Szabó on the situation.


Márki-Zay backtracks after Gyurcsány says he was asked not to campaign publicly

picture of Péter Márki-Zay

Two titans of Hungary’s political opposition, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Péter Márki-Zay (pictured), discussed the public role the former should take in next year’s Parliamentary elections.

It was a very good meeting, I went with Gergely Arató. The Captain [Márki-Zay] asked me not to campaign. So that’s what I’m going to do. So shall it be.

-commented Ferenc Gyurcsány, chair of the Democratic Coalition (DK), on his Facebook page on Saturday morning after a meeting with the opposition’s prime ministerial candidate.

Gergely Arató, a Member of Parliament from DK, confirmed to Telex that Márki-Zay had asked Gyurcsány not to campaign publicly in next year’s elections.

“The prime minister-designate decides how he wants to build his campaign,” Arató said, adding that this request did not affect DK itself in any way.

We support the prime ministerial candidate and are working to win the 32 districts where the DK candidate is running, and support the other parties in the other districts

-Arató said, noting that other parties running candidates that won the primary elections in their districts will be primarily responsible for delivering victory in the general election. The role of Klára Dobrev, who faced Márki-Zay in the prime ministerial run-off primary, was not discussed at the meeting.

However, ATV spoke to Péter Márki-Zay, who appeared to either dispute Gyurcsány’s version of events, or backtrack what he had told the DK Chair.

Márki-Zay claimed that at a meeting a few weeks ago he had asked for a “non-partisan” campaign and for support for the prime ministerial candidate and the 106 individual candidates.

The prime ministerial candidate admitted that it “wouldn’t be effective” to have Ferenc Gyurcsány campaign with opposition candidates, but that he doesn’t expect the former prime minister to refrain from campaigning in any way.

[Telex, HVG][Photo: Ferenc Gyurcsány / Facebook]

Gyurcsány affirms support for Márki-Zay, the “captain” leading the opposition

picture of Péter Márki-Zay

“We want an opposition victory for our homeland, meaning that Péter Márki-Zay should be our prime minister,” Ferenc Gyurcsány, the president of the Democratic Coalition (DK), posted on social media.

The former Socialist prime minister wrote that the election campaign is “an exciting condensation of politics.”

It takes more of everything to succeed. Among other things, discipline. The Prime Minister-designate is leading us. There is agreement and no public debate. Because in the final stages of the struggle, we don’t talk, we don’t equivocate, just fight.

We think this is an important rule. Péter’s sentences and public appearances represent us. We accomodate ourselves to that. Me as well.

-he wrote.

The politician recalled that they had agreed to look after each other and that the DK, like other parties, was primarily focused on supporting its individual candidates.

“Beyond that, we go over and beyond whatever he, our joint candidate, asks for. Because he’s the captain. We commit ouselves to that,” said Gyurcsány in reference to Péter Márki-Zay, who was the victor in the opposition’s primary election for a joint prime ministerial candidate.

[Magyar Hang]

Democratic Coalition proposes “Gyurcsány Days” at gas stations

picture of Ferenc Gyurcsány

The Democratic Coalition (DK) is proposing to the Prime Minister’s Office that ‘Gyurcsány Days’ be held at gas stations because of how high gas prices have risen in recent days compared to when party Chair Ferenc Gyurcsány was in power.

According to party spokesman Balázs Barkóczi, the Prime Minister’s cabinet is indifferent to the fact that since last Friday, 95-grade gasoline is 506 Ft per liter and diesel is 517 Ft per liter. In 2009, when the previous government was in power, the party stated that a liter of gasoline and a liter of diesel only cost 257 Ft and 252 Ft, respectively.

As reported by Hungarian state news agency MTI, Barkóczi said at an online press conference on Monday that the government was “apologizing and lying” over the record high fuel price last week.

Instead of confronting its “bankrupt exchange rate policy”, which is decisively influencing record fuel prices and acknowledging that it has increased taxes on fuel, the government is “trying to make cheap lies,” the opposition politician said.


The mystery of Ferenc Gyurcsány’s return from Sardinia explained

As previously reported, Democratic Coalition Chair Ferenc Gyurcsány wrote on his Facebook page that he had to return from vacationing in Sardinia with his wife when he contracted a bout of appendicitis, which had to be operated on.

Pro-government news site Origo, however, found this explanation impossible as there are no direct flights on EasyJet airlines between Budapest and Sardinia, stating that it was a “big question how Ferenc Gyurcsány could have returned home” on EasyJet.

Gyurcány himself solved the mystery on his Facebook page by posting his boarding card, which showed that he had transferred through Basel, Switzerland.

The former Socialist Prime Minister also “thanked” his “sweet noodle fairies” for looking out for him and caring for his welfare. [HVG]

Government: Gyurcsány is responsible for Hungary’s high gas prices

The government is claiming that gas prices are currently over 500 forints per liter because of the actions of the previous Socialist, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Péter Medgyessy-led government, reports 444.

Responding to a question by ÁTV Híradó, the Governmental Information Center claims that the current government has little room to move because “during EU accession talks with the European Union in 2004, the left-wing (Medgyessy-Gyurcsány) could have asked for a more favorable agreement” exempting Hungary from tax obligations, but that it did not do so.

The information center added that Hungary was the only country in the EU that reduced fuel taxes this year, with a 10 forint per liter reduction on gas oil and 5 forint per liter on gasoline introduced on April 1.

Civil Unity Forum collecting signatures against Márki-Zay

Now that Péter Márki-Zay has become the leading face of the democratic opposition after winning the primary election, the Civil Unity Forum (CÖF), which organized the so-called “Peace March” on the Oct. 23 public holiday, is now collecting signatures for a “Stop Gyurcsány, Stop Márki-Zay” campaign against him.

Independent MP Szabolc Szabó claims that ruling party Fidesz is financing the campaign from public money, considering that CÖF receives hundreds of millions of forints in aid from the government. [HVG]