Die Presse: Netanyahu’s visit defused anti-Semitism charge against Hungarian government

Die Presse writes why the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hungary was important to the Hungarian government, as relayed by HírTV. According to the Austrian daily, Netanyahu’s visit makes it difficult for the opponents of Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán to label him an anti-Semite.

The paper’s correspondent, Boris Kálnoky, quotes Orbán as stating that Hungary has zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, the very thing that the prime minister and his government had been accused of in recent days.

Orbán receives Netanyahu and admits “crime” in not protecting Jews in WWII

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Budapest today, and at a joint news conference Orbán claimed that Hungary has “zero tolerance” for anti-Semitism.

At the same conference, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated that “Hungary committed a crime when it did not protect its Jewish citizens,” according to 24.hu. As a sitting Israeli Prime Minister had not visited Hungary in nearly 30 years, Orbán claimed that Netanyahu’s visit would “open a new chapter in relations” between the two nations.

Orbán also added that “Hungary does not want to change its ethnic makeup, even if we have to admit that we are not perfect.”

Hungary’s Residency Bond Program is “alive and well”

A sponsored article has appeared on ArabianBusiness.com promoting Hungary’s controversial Residency Bond Program, claiming that it is “alive and well.” The article noted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s remarks on Hungarian State Radio on Friday that the government would not give in to demands from opposition party Jobbik to cancel the program.

Orbán commented on the issue “in response to rumours that the program might end on 8 November.” Although Orbán feels the Residency Bond Program is “worth reviewing,” he stated that there has not been a decision to cancel it yet.

Prayer chain launched for PM Orbán

A parish in the Slovakian town of Ipolybalog (Balog nad Ipľom in Slovakian) has launched a “prayer chain” for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, reports Hír TV from the Slovakian publication Új Szó.

The purpose of the prayer is to provide the Prime Minister with enough strength in his fight against the European Union. Those who join the chain are required to repeat the prayer, which was written by a Benedictine monk living in Rome, five minutes every day for half a year.

The Slovakian Conference of Bishops considers the prayer chain a private action and is taking no position on the matter.

Orbán to meet UK’s Prime Minister May next week

Buzzfeed is reporting that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will be in London next week to meet his counterpart in the UK, Theresa May, after the latter returns from a trip to India.

“Orbán’s visit will fuel accusations from a number of EU and European officials that Britain is building an alliance with Hungary’s right-wing leader in an attempt to divide and conquer the EU in Brexit negotiations.

He is viewed as a controversial ally for Britain because of his government’s stance on refugees, an alleged crackdown on freedom of speech, and tensions with other governments and the EU over the balance of powers between Europe’s institutions and its member states,” the site writes.

Buzzfeed also notes that Mr. Orbán was one of the few leaders to praise Prime Minister May at an EU Council Summit in Brussels last month.