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Tag: László Toroczkai

Our Homeland, Far-Right Groups Protest in Front of Ukrainian Embassy in Budapest

Far right parliamentary party Our Homeland and other radical organizations began their commemoration of the anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon in front of the Ukrainian Embassy on Saturday, reports Telex. About 300 people, mostly in camoflage and the garb of Hungary’s nationalist radical groups, gathered to listen to extremist speakers give their opinion on the war in Ukraine and other topics.

Ukraine should “eat what it has cooked,” and in light of the war, Ukrainians should consider whether it was a good idea to oppress their minorities.

-said Gábor Barcsa-Turner, co-leader of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) at the event.

Zsolt Tyirityán, a self-professed neo-Nazi, spoke on behalf of the Outlaw Army. Tyirityan claimed that the cause for the war was Ukraine’s campaign of genocide against the Russians. He also said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky threatened Putin with nuclear weapons, forcing the Russian president to start a preemptive war.

The featured speaker at the event was László Toroczkai, President of Our Homeland and leader of the party’s parliamentary group. In his 20-minute-long speech, Toroczkai pledged support for Russia to join the European Union, and said the Ukrainians need to learn from Hungarians how to ask for things nicely.

Following the speeches, a large part of the crowd marched to the Church of St. László, where a more traditional commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Trianon took place. [Telex]

Our Homeland President Doesn’t Support Oil Embargo Either

In Parliament today, Our Homeland President László Toroczkai said that Hungary’s territorial integrity and interests were of vital importance, reports Index.

Toroczkai stated that Our Homeland supported all steps that reject the embargo, and they reject all sanctions that are harmful to the Hungarian people.

He also said that the United States was at war with Russia, and that the party wants the Hungarian government to stand up even more firmly for the interests of ethnic Hungarians in the Transcarpathian region. [Index]

Our Homeland Forms Parliamentary Caucus

The Our Homeland Movement has formed a six-member parliamentary caucus, choosing party President László Toroczkai as their leader, reported MTI after the party’s press conference on Wednesday.

Our Homeland’s MPs have chosen István Apáti and Előd Novák as deputy group leaders, both of whom have previous experience in Parliament. [Index]

Far-right Our Homeland open to working with Fidesz in Parliament

picture of Dóra Dúró

Dóra Dúró, Vice-President of Our Homeland (pictured), gave an interview to Blikk, where she talked about the seven new seats the party won in the parliamentary elections last weekend. Dúró claimed that they were confident the whole time that Our Homeland would get into Parliament.

It’s a huge victory, because we achieved it without any public financing.

-she told the tabloid. Dúró said that the idea of uniting voters through the joint opposition structure had failed. As she concluded:

This therefore means building a new opposition, in which Our Homeland will play a key role.

When asked if there could be situations in which they would cooperate with the governing parties, Dúró answered that she could imagine certain situations in which it would happen:

It may be possible with certain cases and laws, but, in every situation, we will examine whether it is good for the Hungarian community or not. If yes, we will vote for it with a pure heart, even if the government has initiated it. I myself marked four ‘no’ votes on the government’s child protection referendum, because this was a cause I could get behind.

-the Vice-President of Our Homeland told Blikk.

For his part, Our Homeland President László Toroczkai repeated on state-run television station M1 on Tuesday morning what he had told ATV’s Egyenes Beszéd program on Monday evening, that the Our Homeland Movement would be a fierce and very strong opponent to the government.

Toroczkai claimed that “shocking” silence and censorship surrounded the party’s campaign, mentioning Facebook deleting their page and cyberattacks on their website as examples.

So I could on and on about how they tried to prevent us from getting into Parliament.

-said László Toroczkai, adding:

We are a completely new kind of party, and I think we will bring new color to Parliament’s activities. I think there was a huge need for a party that does not work like Fidesz or these left-liberal parties.

Toroczkai stressed that the most important thing was that Hungary gets better, so he imagines Our Homeland MPs providing support for all proposals that are “good” for the country and for Hungarians.

Our Homeland will enter Parliament well above the 5% minimum, having captured 6.3% of the party list vote share with over 310,000 votes on the second ballot. If the six-party democratic opposition can be considered as a single bloc, then the far-right Our Homeland will be the third-largest political force in the National Assembly.