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Tag: Fundamental Law

Amending Fundamental Law Lets Gov’t Continue to Rule by Decree

Although Minister Gergely Gulyás stated at yesterday’s Government Information Briefing that the Fundamental Law would have to be amended for the government to declare a new state of emergency due to the war in Ukraine, HVG‘s Tibor Lengyel believes there is no actual objective justification to do so.

The real reason why he believes the Fundamental Law is being amended, for the tenth time in 10 years, is because “with a new category for a state of emergency to be declared, the government will allow itself the same wide legal room for manuever it has become accustomed to over the past two years, which is governing by decree.” [HVG]

Government Amending Fundamental Law, Price Fixing Policy Still to Be Decided

Speaking in today’s Government Information Briefing, Minister Gergely Gulyás said that one of the first duties of the new National Assembly would be to amend Hungary’s Fundamental Law.

The government plans to phase out the state of emergency that was declared because of the pandemic, but declare a new state of emergency due to the war in Ukraine and the accompanying wave of refugees. However, the Fundamental Law will have to be amended to do this, he said.

Telex summarized other key news announced at today’s briefing:

  • The government will decide next week whether the policy of fixed prices on certain consumer goods will continue. Gulyás claimed that inflation would now be at 13% if not for the policy now in effect.
  • Prime Minister Viktor Orbán offered a position in the government to Máté Kocsis, but the latter will remain Fidesz’s caucus leader in Parliament.
  • Government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi claimed that it was not a conflict of interest that the government is planning to buy fighter jets from her husband’s company.
  • An employee in the Prime Minister’s Office is involved in the bribery case being investigated in the Ministry of Finance, but Gulyás said that there were no political implications.
  • Gulyás said several times that there would not be a separate Ministry of Health, despite the Hungarian Medical Chamber’s express request for one.

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