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Video surfaces of Jobbik VP giving Nazi salute

picture of Dániel Z. Kárpát

The Jewish Voice has published a short video that appears to show Jobbik vice-president Dániel Z. Kárpát (pictured) giving a Nazi salute, then smiling. The video can be seen here.

The politician sent the following response to Telex over the matter:

I have never been a Nazi or anti-Semite. I have accepted the Jobbik People’s Party’s statement of principles, reflecting a value system and worldview of a Christian society, which I share. The anti-Semites are in Fidesz, who call Jobbik’s President [Péter Jakab] “Jacob” because of his Jewish ancestry.

During the primary election last year, a photo came out of Jobbik’s candidate in Ózd, Péter Barnabás Farkas, giving the Nazi salute. After that, a similar photo of a different Jobbik deputy mayor was also released.

Farkas eventually resigned his position as deputy mayor and did not win the primary election. At that time, Ózd Mayor Dávid Janiczak of Jobbik said that because of the party’s origins, they may have attracted extremists who previously thought that they had found an ideological home in Jobbik.

“But Jobbik has cleaned up its act and expelled the extremists,” he said, reiterating that in the case of the two former deputy mayors, “but at least for Farkas,” the Nazi salute did not mean that they shared anti-Semitic views.

The Jewish Voice is a weekly publication and website based in Brooklyn, New York, which sees itself as a pro-Israeli conservative paper that has supported Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Donald Trump in past U.S. presidential elections.



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