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Fidesz MP gives out buckets of wafers that have his own face on them

picture of Mihály Balla

Christmas is a time in which we often think about what we can do for other people, but this doesn’t mean that we have to forget about self-promotion.

Mihály Balla, a Fidesz Member of Parliament from Nógrád County, gave Christmas gifts of Neapolitan wafers to Roma families together with Roma entrepreneurs from the county. Balla’s face, and the Fidesz logo, are prominently featured on the wafer buckets.

Balla himself posted about it on Facebook, claiming that he was “chosen as the main patron of this charity event.” To independent MP Ákos Hadházy, this means that the gifts are actually from the entrepreneurs and not Balla, yet they put his picture on the buckets anyway.

[444][Photo: Mihály Balla / Facebook]


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