Mysterious anti-government messages appear in Budapest

Curious anti-government messages popped up on advertising pillars around Budapest today, notes HVG. The messages were printed with black text on a white background, stating only: “The people can not be banned, but the government can be replaced.”

There was no other indication of who or what organization was behind the messaging, suggesting that they have been designed to attempt to get around the government’s recent law against billboards with political themes.

anti-government pillar

The news source speculates that the Jobbik party is behind the move, but when they inquired as to the source of the message from the Mahir advertising agency as to the source of the messages, they were informed that it was simply a “commission from a private customer with a public service message.”

A representative from Jobbik denied that the party was involved with this campaign, but that the party “identified 100%” with its message. Mahir is part of the portfolio of media magnate and former Fidesz treasurer Lajos Simicska, now a fierce critic of the government.