Fierce critic of Soros has taken money from him

Magyar Nemzet is reporting that a family foundation associated with István Hollik, a Parliamentary representative for the ruling the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), has accepted money from the Soros Foundation despite Hollik’s vehement opposition to the activities of the foreign financier.

According to the news source, Hollik’s mother founded an organization in 1995 dealing with hospice and mental hygiene activities, then later received a donation of 50,000 HUF (US $189) from the namesake foundation of Hungarian-born George Soros in 1998.

In his response to the story, Hollik acknowledged the payment, but claimed that the donation from Soros was a tiny amount compared to the large amount the billionaire spends on issues he opposes. He did not respond when asked if the funds from the Soros Foundation would be returned.