Gulyás: Parliamentary vote on new constitutional amendment will be on Nov. 8

Gergely Gulyás, the deputy chair of Fidesz’ parliamentary delegation, announced that there will definitely be a vote in Parliament on the new amendment to Hungary’s constitution, the Basic Law, according to Hír TV. Gulyás stated that the vote will be independent of the issue of withdrawing the residence bonds.

According to Gulyás, both Jobbik and LMP parties support the draft language in the amendment. The Law Drafting Committee will discuss it on Thursday, and it will come to a vote in Parliament on November 8. Since amending the Basic Law requires a two-thirds majority, it will require two members in the opposition to also support it.

Gulyás ruled out allowing Jobbik’s demand that it would only vote for the amendment if the government rescinds the law on residence bonds.